Zehavite Cohen was born in Israel in 1958. After her study in "Art School" in Tel Aviv in 1985 she move to Paris. A Master in Art-therapy in 1997 then she moved to Toulouse where she lives today.

Cohen start her experience in Art school with a serie of "Self portrait" in the spirit of "body art" and drawings made unconsiously with the Surealism ideology of letting on your hand without the limits of thoughts, from 1982-1990. And then she continue to create works in "brut " and "spontaneous" aesthetics as in Art brut and archaist drawings (childish).

Always with her photo camera she takes pictures around her that will serve as material for her different art works in performances and instalations in association with different artist and different medias (music, danse and theatre).

Artist of "multiple material" Cohen needs to always look for new materials and the interaction between them.

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Zéhavite portrait